"In an era of much confusion, the work of Edward Biberman stands out as a beacon of irrefutable artistic logic." Frodde Dann, Art Critic - Pasadena Independent Star News

In 1971, reviewing his one-man show in the city's new Municipal Art Gallery in Barnsdall Park. Henry J. Seldis The Times' late art critic, found in the retrospective "a consistency of purpose . . . and a rather robust love for life that has managed to overcome personal and political adversities of considerable dimension."

By Henry J. Seldis: "Edward Biberman has been an important force in this community for 33 years through his art and through his teaching. If the nostalgic backward look to the 30's and 40's should ever extend to the social realist paintings of that era, his repute is apt to flourish."

Los Angeles Times - Reviewing the Biberman exhibit that celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of his first showing in Paris's Salon d'Automne, the Los Angeles Times wrote under "CANVASSING THE CITY" "Before Hockney and Ruscha, Edward Biberman was painting these coolly reflecting views of our vast city."

His style ranged from the socially conscious figurative, through WPA murals in that style, to precisionist with subtle surrealistic overtones.

He is the first ever to chronicle the majestic every-day structures like freeways and bridges and buildings, turning the works of man into true icons in a California modernist manner, but always socially relevant. That modernist style was used by some of his contemporaries like Charles Sheeler, Charles Demuth, and Preston Dickinson.

"He transmuted the drab, heartless sights of our time into soaring poetry," Suzanne W. Zada observed when Biberman died. "Whatever his subject - a person, a landscape, an architectural form - he gave it a universal quality. He was a true humanist without sentimentality, and he has left us a great legacy."

Artist Painter Edward Biberman

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