New York Times
- Biberman has devised an artistic convention, a palette, and a point of view unmistakably original.

New York American - Biberman's organization of beautiful tones is powerful, subtle and adroit.

New York Sun - There is imagination and a definite sense of beauty in the work of Edward Biberman . . . he has a definite style.

New Yorker - His paintings take advantage of an unexpected palette, and they have the virtues of clear statement and internal coherence.

New York World Telegram - We are thoroughly convinced of his importance as an original painter.

Philadelphia Inquirer - Effective simplicity reaches its apogee in some of the Biberman landscapes. He says what he has to say with extreme brilliance.

Philadelphia Ledger - The art of Edward Biberman is poignant and arresting.

Chicago Tribune - An artist who possesses personality and originality and knows what he is doing and how to do it.

Art News - Edward Biberman is a painter who evolves his color entirely from his mind and not from the external world; his compositions are imaginative transpositions of reality.

"Edward Biberman has painted powerfully in and of his time." Merle Armitage, Critic.

Flower of Paradise by Edward Biberman

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